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Attack squirrels in Queens NYC

The big question is “Why?”! Recently several residents of the Queens borough of New York City have reported unprovoked squirrel attacks. This isn’t following any sort of interaction, like feeding or chasing, so everyone is very puzzled. (Note: Fortunately, per the local health authority, squirrels aren’t typically carriers of rabies, though at least one victim opted to get a rabies shot.)

Bring your squirrel friends

A local co-operative (groceries, etc.) has adopted squirrels as a mascot since they are plentiful in the neighborhood in which they’re located.

This graphic was used to promote a “drive by and pick up your grocery order from your car” campaign during the early months of the COVID19 pandemic.

And there were beavers dropping from airplanes…

We’re taking a bit of a side trip here to another branch of the order Rodentia, from the suborder Sciuromorpha (wherein squirrels dwell) to the suborder Castorimorpha, Genus Castor, to our friend the American beaver.

This article from The Atlantic magazine (June 2012), includes a tale from the 1940s when Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game dropped parachuted crates of beavers to repopulate the wilderness and — quite progressively — improve the ecological balance thereby. (Current application: think climate change.)


Picture credit: OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay