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Squirrel power!

A certain Mr.¬†Mooallem became obsessed by instances of squirrels causing extensive power outages and made a bit of a study of these sadly and inevitably fatal incidences over much of the past year¬†(NY Times). It gives one paws, er, pause — that thousands of households are typically affected. Some cast a jaundiced eye at our fuzzy friends and attribute the events to a concerted and malevolent effort by squirrels nationwide.

It does make fascinating reading, but beware that there’s discussion of post-mortem positioning of the unfortunately deceased lads or lasses and how that relates to the interruption of power. Pretty grisly reading.

There’s even some humor. Read down until you get to the evasion tactics attempted and what happened when a faux owl was placed near the critical area.

All in all, a thoroughly informative and entertaining read.

Purple squirrel sightings

purple squirrel in cageRemember, the truth is out there, as they used to say on the X-Files.

What could be the reason for the seemingly random appearance of distinctly deep-violet squirrels? This article reports on an incident in Pennsylvania (US) and makes mention of earlier sightings in England and in Minnesota (US).

If you read that article you’ll notice (as you can see in the photo to the left), that the coloring is somewhat splotchy.

Of course, there’s a Facebook page for Purple Squirrel now, too.