Move over, Hitchcockian birds

what-about-squirrels-hitchcockYou know Alan Moore, the genius behind many graphic novels including V for Vendetta and Watchmen and From Hell? He’s crowdfunding a new film and I was watching the promo video on Kickstarter when I was caught off-guard by a fleeting musing over utilizing menacing squirrels a la the Birds in Hitchcock’s movie of the same name.

Here’s the Kickstarter page. It’s right around 03:29.

The art is priceless.

Loving squirrels — in that culinary way…?

illustration of squirrel partsI’ve just started reading this article in the Chicago Reader, Chicken of the Trees (Food & Drink section), by Mike Sula.

As a gardener, I can fully appreciate the frustration and fiery red anger when you see your cherished tomato lying on the ground with a single bite marring its lovely matte finish. Or in our case, there’s the stoic resolve with which we greet each spring-into-summer when cherries ripen and drop to the ground with the single tell-tale bite. (It must be said that the local birds enthusiastically assist the squirrels in this enterprise.)

But we’ve not yet thought of “harvesting” the little guys. I’m going back to the article to read more.


Illustration is a fragment of art accompanying the article, by artist Peter Thomas Ryan.

Purple squirrel sightings

purple squirrel in cageRemember, the truth is out there, as they used to say on the X-Files.

What could be the reason for the seemingly random appearance of distinctly deep-violet squirrels? This article reports on an incident in Pennsylvania (US) and makes mention of earlier sightings in England and in Minnesota (US).

If you read that article you’ll notice (as you can see in the photo to the left), that the coloring is somewhat splotchy.

Of course, there’s a Facebook page for Purple Squirrel now, too.

Sciuridae-admirers unite!